This page provides a list of potential DPhil supervisors at Oxford for students enrolled in the LSI DTC programme. Please note that this list is not exclusive, and that projects that fall within the remit and requirements of the programme may be carried out under the supervision of academics who are not listed below. If you have any queries about supervisory arrangements please contact us.

Name Department Application Area
Judy Armitage Biochemistry Computational Biology
Richard Berry Physics Bionanotechnology
Mike Brady Engineering Science MIAS
Kevin Burrage Computer Science Computational Biology
Helen Byrne Computer Science Computational Biology
Jason Davis Chemistry Bionanotechnology
Charlotte Deane Statistics Bioinformatics
Peter Donnelly Statistics Bioinformatics
David Gavaghan DTC/Computer Science Computational Biology
Vicente Grau Engineering MIAS
Bob Griffiths Statistics Bioinformatics
Jotun Hein Statistics Bioinformatics
Chris Holmes Statistics Bioinformatics
Pete Jezzard FMRIB MIAS
Achillefs Kapanidis Physics Bionanotechnology
David Kay Computer Science Computational Biology
Peter Kohl Physiology Computational Biology
Dominic Kwiatkowski WTCHG Bioinformatics
Mark Leake Physics Bionanotechnology
Ard Louis Physics Bionanotechnology
Philip Maini Mathematics Computational Biology
Jonathan Marchini Statistics Bioinformatics
Gil McVean Statistics Bioinformatics
Geoff Nicholls Statistics Bioinformatics
Alison Noble Engineering Science MIAS
Antonis Papachristodoulou Engineering Science MIAS
Stephen Payne Engineering Science MIAS
Stephen Roberts Engineering Science MIAS
Blanca Rodriguez Computer Science Computational Biology
John Ryan Physics Bionanotechnology
Mark Sansom Biochemistry Computational Biology
Julia Schnabel Engineering MIAS
Andrew Simpson Computer Science Computational Biology
Stephen Smith FMRIB MIAS
Lionel Tarrasenko Engineering Science MIAS
Stephen Tucker Physics Bionanotechnology
Andrew Turberfield Physics Bionanotechnology
Mark Wallace Chemistry Bionanotechnology
Jonathan Whiteley Computer Science Computational Biology
Richard Wise FMRIB MIAS
Mark Woolrich FMRIB MIAS
Amy Zavatsky Engineering MIAS
Andrew Zisserman Engineering Science MIAS

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