Welcome to the Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Oxford

The LSI DTC is an innovative 4-year D.Phil. programme that provides comprehensive training in the application of mathematical, physical, computational and engineering science techniques to leading-edge research in the biomedical and life sciences.

Students enrolled in the programme come from a very wide range of academic backgrounds including Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry and Computing.

The programme focuses on four interlinked research areas:

  • Biological Physics,
  • Medical Imaging and Signals,
  • Bioinformatics, Evolution and Genetics,
  • and Computational Biology.

Please explore the links above to find more information about the programme and the research training provided, as well as funding available and instructions on how to apply.

The Doctoral Training Centre is a member of the Graduate Academic Programme (GAP) and fully supports the teaching and training of graduate students across divisions within the University of Oxford.

Note: In Oxford, the degree qualification commonly referred to as a Doctorate of Philosophy or Ph.D. is known as a D.Phil.